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Biological risk assessment in accordance with ISO 10 993

Assessing the biological safety of your device

Centaur Clinical CRO helps you demonstrate the biological safety of your device by identifying your needs with the help of its expert biologists and toxicologists, and by carrying out biocompatibility tests in accordance with ISO 10 993 and good laboratory practice.

Physicochemical characterization
following ISO 10 993-18
TRA: Toxicological Assessment
following ISO 10 993-17
BEP: Biological evaluation plan
ISO 10 993-1 and MDR 2017/745
following ISO 10 993-1 (in vivo, in vitro)
BER: Biological Evaluation Report
ISO 10 993-1 and MDR 2017/745
To find out everything you need to know about preclinical testing, download our white paper in .pdf format.

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